Da qui

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da qui napoli mi appare come uno se la immagina

lasciano ancora le porte aperte
specialmente nei quartieri spagnoli
e uno puo’ vedere dentro le cucine e i salotti
e vanno in giro sempre in due sul motorino
e senza casco
e continuano a suonare il clacson
perche’ non si fermano agli incroci
ma avvisano
e poi dicono che succedono gli incidenti
e ci sono un sacco di spazzini
con camioncini piccoli
per entrare nei vicoli
ma l’immondizia per strada
non scompare mai
e ci sono un sacco di negozi
di scarpe e abbigliamento
per questo sono tutti ben vestiti
e giocano tutti a calcio
anche le ragazze
sara’ perche’ e’ l’estate dei mondiali
e non e’ pericoloso come si dice
finche’ non ti succede qualcosa
e dopo cambi idea
ma comunque
lasciano ancora le porte aperte
che da altre parti non succede.


Summer of Love

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A Tibetan mantra they asked me
Calling the Buddha
I see

Yesterday eve actually
In a theatre
Heard a Sanskrit techno-mantra
Played by a folk band
Of Austrian musicians
Singing in Kurdish

Not kidding
It’s all true
Ok I start from the beginning

It’s a presentation
They told me
We’re going to screen some video
Come on it’s Friday after all
Ok I thought
Never been to Hall im Tyrol

So off we went
With laptop external hardies and cables
They told me actually it’s also a birthday
A woman forty years old
Just like me in a month I thought
Will I throw a party too
Or am I too lazy
The place was well hidden
Behind warehouses
Was a theatre really nice
Guest list
Free bar
No asking
A Caipirinha as soon as I stepped in

A summer of love theme party
For her birthday
Not a presentation

Turned to my friends asked why didn’t you tell me
They took off their jackets
Hawaiian shirt him and optical dress her
So they knew
Doesn’t really matter does it
There were DJs and
Video screening

I sms-ed my friend Linda
Linda-In-London that is
Saying hey you’ll never guess where I am
A summer of love party close to Innsbruck
Improbable shirts and trousers
Printed flowers everywhere
And among the hippies
Sadomasochists Mafia guys and Schützen
Don’t really get it but anyway

She replied from Devon countryside
Enjoying autumn colours
Thought she was sick
Never expected from her

Just recovering she said

Meanwhile a tattooed biker and a whore
Joined the crowd
Bizarre summer of love indeed
Even a Roman emperor
Bit challenging I’d say

The video presentation was running
Not my friends’ another one
Tell you what
Lee Harvey Oswald
Undisputed Truth
Climate change
Old Danish sitcom Anke Billy fra New York

I’d also had
Russ Meyer
Magnum PI
Space 1999

They continued with
Old ice-skating
Military North Korean music band
Planet of the ape
A TV talk show

And finally my friends
Bruce Lee

Perfect visual mantra

At the ‘n’ Caipirinha
Saw a Vietnam veteran
At least the right time frame I thought

Was fun come on
On my way out
After bumping into a psychologist
And a physician
Very good at dancing unlike me

An old chap in leather
Was calling the Buddha
He turned his back
It had written
The Tyrol Experience.

The hour

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I waited
I waited
I waited for you
Coming up the stairs
Heavy luggage in your hand

I waited for your hair
I waited for your eyes

I waited among others
Waving, staring, reading
I waited with my eyes
I waited with my hands

I waited for a smile
I waited for a voice

I waited for the hour
Of no return
I waited at the window
Till everything was gone.

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Selected by Spread the Word! for Elsewhere writing contest, London, 2002]

I would like to be a fish
I would like to move
Gliding easily
Between rights of light.

I would like to be water
Invisible sustenance
Limitless space
For the fish in my life.

One day

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I wish one day to tell my son I didn’t waste my life.

I have been able to deal with my tasks and my responsibility.

I was a bit stressed but it the end it worked out really well.

I know seems strange to say now, but I love you.
And the people in your life, too.

You know, it’s always hard to define right and wrong,
When you are squeezed between two parts.

Someone’s pushing, someone’s pulling,
And you got kind of a stuck in the middle.

I wish to have had the courage to say no.

And the lightness to say yes.

I wish to have done a good job,
And to have lived a good life.

I was able to hurt, and get hurt.

I passed my adult life running, chasing something that wasn’t there.
My childhood, chasing my adultness.

I was part of the producing part of society.
I’ve done important things, opened up new ways of living.

It was pretty important.
Then I run away, and I heard someone’s saying
“But the sky looked the same”.

I wish to tell him I’m happy with what I have.
It will never be like that.

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